Sweeper trust
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Sweeper the fox wif bandana Unleasing a meme mania on SOL
Sweeper isn't just a meme cryptocurrency.
It's your loyal best friend. Embarking on adventures to discover treasures for its stakers, Sweeper generously rewards its faithful followers.
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How to buy $SWEEP
To Buy $SWEEP, download phantom wallet, purchase $SOL from an exchange or bridge $SOL and send it to your Phantom wallet then buy $SWEEP on Jupiter or Raydium. $SWEEP is also available on centralized exchange. Trade on MEXC
Earliest investors in LayerZero, AAVE, NOSANA & more.
Top launchpad on SOLANA with $16M+ raised for multiple projects, and $14M staked. Recent top projects with raises: Aethir, VisionGame, Nosana.
Leading market maker in the memecoin space behind recently successful memecoins like MYRO, KORRA & more.
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